Oh Result !! Please Be Nice To Me..

dan selamat pagi :)..
terus pada topik,
currently I'm waiting on my last semester result !!
It like everyday 
I can't stop thinking about this beb !!
I want to know my result 
but at the same time
I don't want to know.
(macam mana tuh)

aku takut gila dengan OM and IM paper.
seriously it tough to me.
I can't perform well in that paper in final..
but, I try manage to answer all the questions..

At least just pass the paper no matter what !!
I don't want to have any repeat paper.
don't want put more burden to carry on this subject,
because I'm already in last semester okeh.

Ya Allah, bantulah hamba mu ini..
and, I also want pass all in subject too..
it is not that other subject is not important..

Kepada Sahabat-sahabat semua yang turut menanti result,
aku wish good luck !!
moga kita semua dapat result yang terbaik dan cemerlang
Insya-Allah :)

p/s : tengah check result tak keluar-keluar pun..haishh !!! sabor jela..


Asma Ahmad said...[Reply]

yeaa... bestnya da nk kuaq rsult. ngehee... gud luck!!

hamzah ian said...[Reply]


Mohd Hazwan Hashim said...[Reply]

@asma : thanks :) uolls lg best dah konvo..huhu
@hamzah : tengah sabar la.tp result dah keluar la beb !!